My daughter the Twonager!

When hubby and I bought our house just over a year ago, we knew that we wanted to do some remodeling.  Specifically, we wanted to gut and re-build our kitchen (my oven was over 20 years old and so small it wouldn’t even fit a Thanksgiving Turkey!),  put hardwoods in 4 rooms and replace our entire HVAC system.  We started this remodel the first week of March and needless to say life has been a bit messy these last few weeks!  Friends and family who have gone through a remodel told me that I will find dust everywhere and they are not kidding – there is dust in my bed, in my closet, even in my refrigerator.  What they don’t tell you is that your two year old will suddenly become a Twonager.  What’s a Twonager you ask?!  It’s simple really, just picture your toddler exercising her right to be a teenager.  Here are some real-life examples to help you understand if your two-year old turned into a Twonager overnight:

Example 1:  When you ask your two year old if she wants to play outside, she pouts and says no in her angry voice.  Less than 2 minutes later, someone other then you asks her if she wants to play outside and the immediate response is an enthusiastic yes!

Example 2:  You go in to get your two year old out of bed in the morning and her response is that she wants to stay in bed all day.  Clearly, this is not an option and you start your day with reasoning/guilt-tripping/bribing her out of bed, in that order.

Example 3:  Slamming doors accompanied with “No mommy!” is a daily, and sometimes hourly, occurrence.

Example 4:  While acting silly, your two year old looks at you like she wants to disown you or die – whichever happens to be easier at the moment.

Example 5:  All your two year old wants to do is watch TV so you employ Example 2’s “get out of bed tactics” with the hope that Example 1 doesn’t happen to each of your suggestions of things to do other than watch TV.

If one or more of the above has happened in the last 3-5 days, you have a Twonager (or Threenager, Fournager, etc.) on your hands.  As someone who is currently dealing with a Twonager, my advice is to stay calm and let it ride.  Also, a little bribing goes a long way and never hurt anyone :).  This too shall pass and your little person will be back to the little person you know in no time (or when your remodel is through!).  Good luck to us all!

One thought on “My daughter the Twonager!

  1. So Mom and I are having a déjà vu moment here! Summer of 1984. We are have a complete second story addition added to our home in Schaumburg. Someone in the family was having, what we called back then, multiple “Terrible Two” moments!! I guess I like the new name “Twoanger” better but all in all the are the same!!


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