Just A Picture…?

I just spent the last 30 minutes going through my pictures trying to find one that not only fit well on my website header, but was also representative of my Blog name – Type 1 of 3.  I think I uploaded almost 10 pictures – mostly of my three girls, but a couple had me in them and there was one with just my youngest, Nora, and I.  I tried all of them, but none fit well – both literally and figuratively.  After going through this process, I finally settled on the exact same photo I had started with, which by the way, is so typical me.  When I’m on the lookout for something specific, I find what I want but then continue looking in the very rare circumstance there is something I could want even more.  Its called researching all my options, but back to my website…

My header picture is the exact same as it was before renaming my website from My (Extra) Ordinary Life to Type 1 of 3.  Why is it the same picture?  A picture of an ocean and some palm trees doesn’t represent my girls or Type 1 Diabetes.  An even more pressing question – who cares?!  Well friends, I care and this picture has a deeper meaning then just it’s face-value beauty 🙂

This picture was taken in Los Cabos by yours truly or maybe Ryan – I can’t remember and it’s really not that important who took it. What is important is that it is a reminder of a time when life was a lot more simple than it is today. This picture was taken on our first vacation away from the girls since our youngest, Nora, had been born. It turned out that it was also our last vacation before Nora was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Our lives completely changed after her diagnosis. The first few months were HARD and I grieved for the life that once was. Now, I believe in my heart that Nora’s diagnosis was a gift, albeit a crappy one at times. While, I am no longer grieving for the life we once had, I do miss it at times. Which is why this picture is the perfect one for my blog header – it reminds me to find the beauty in what once was, while moving forward with what is right in front of me.

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