Do you Tattoo?

I am not at all spontaneous – I like my routines and I like things to be VERY predictable. I think this stems from managing my T1D for so many years. There are days where my T1D can be completely out of control for no rhyme or reason and it’s infuriating…but I’ll save that whole chestnut for a different post. I had been wanting to get a tattoo for years, but was never brave enough to pull the trigger. It’s just so…permanent…imagine that!

A couple of years ago, I was feeling pretty awesome about life. I had just finished coaching a team of amazing women through an 8 week health and fitness challenge. I was thrilled with the success of each woman and with my success both as a coach and a participant in the challenge. One Saturday night, Ryan was on the coach with a friend drinking whiskey and I was texting a good friend of mine while enjoying a glass of wine. I must have been feeling high on life because out of the blue, I asked her to go with me to get a tattoo (her BIL happens to own a studio). Much to my surprise, she responded with an enthusiastic YES! I was terrified and excited all at once – getting a spontaneous tattoo was not something in my wheelhouse. But I stepped out of my comfort zone and told Ryan where I was going. He straight up looked at me and asked “Are you drunk!?” I sure wasn’t, and it took all the courage to get into my car and drive to meet my friend. My head was spinning and there were butterflies in my stomach. At one point, I actually hoped my friend would bail on me since I was looking for any opportunity to back out. About an hour and a half after walking into the tattoo studio, I walked into my house to show Ryan my new ink. He still thinks I’m crazy…and I’m still in love with my tattoo, even though it needs a touch-up.

I’m a runner, so the initial meaning of my tattoo is obvious, but it’s meaning goes deeper. My tattoo is a daily reminder that I am in control of me – how I feel, what I do, how I react. I am the person running the path and I get to make the choices that allow me to grow and make the most of each day. I am also in control of my T1D. Of course, some days are better than others but T1D doesn’t get to dictate what I can and can’t do (even though it can sometimes dictate when). However, bad days happen and while T1D may be steering me off my path, I get to choose how to react and what I can learn from that direction change. I am in control, I am running this body of mine and nothing can stop me.

Do you have a tattoo? What’s its meaning?

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