Wanted: Person with STRONG professional skills

I always knew that being a parent would be a wonderful compliment to my professional career, no matter what my career was at the given time. What I didn’t realize, but now fully understand, is that being a parent actually develops key professional skills! I spent the last 8 years working in a small education company heavily focused on identifying and attracting top talent for all types of positions. In my role, much of my day to day was focused on reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, as well as selling top candidates on the opportunities available. As a result of these countless numbers of hours, I consider myself an expert on the topic of what is a professional skill and whether or not it is as strong as you say it is in your resume or interview.


Today, as I reflect back on some of my most memorable experiences interviewing candidates and being a parent, I came to the realization that I can effortlessly translate my parenting experiences (ahem, failures) into what corporate companies seek out as necessary professional skills. Here are some of those failures…I mean experiences…from “parenting” Little Miss and my “professional skill” translation:

  • Keeping your cool when your toddler is screaming at the top of her lungs because she is tired and hungry and dinner is not ready at that VERY SECOND translates to “Works well under tight deadlines and/or high-pressure situations”.


  • Identifying the source of your toddlers temper tantrum and then repeating/modifying that identification process a minimum of 10 times a day translates to “Excellent problem solving skills and capability to think on one’s feet”.


  • Putting together a toy that has 50+ components and have it actually work as described on the box translates to “Highly skilled in executing directives to achieve a desired goal”.


  • Improvising how to put together said 50+ component toy (AND have it still work as described!) because your toddler was trying to “help” and ended up losing some key components translates to “Expertise in thinking outside the box to achieve a desired goal”.


  • Redirecting your toddler back to the activity or task at hand such as actually finishing the story you have read through page 10 at least 20 times within the last 2 hours or putting the 100 Legos back in the basket so no one goes through the excruciating experience of stepping on them translates to “Proven track record of motivating and leading team members through challenging projects while ensuring the projects success within the timeline assigned”.


  • Using any and all tactics to keep your exhausted toddler awake on the 15 minute ride home from wherever because you know if she falls asleep in the car now, she will not take her afternoon nap when she gets home (and will be cranky as all hell) translates to “Ability to influence employees across the organization”.


Of course, these are just snippets of my experiences. I do miss the working world and interacting with adults on a regular, daily basis (actually, let me be real, I just miss wearing the cute work clothes and shoes), but I wouldn’t trade my opportunity to stay home with Little Miss for the world. Instead of my days being filled with meetings, reviews, interviews, and visa paperwork, they are now filled with Dr. Seuss, diapers, tears (mostly Little Miss’), and the joy of watching my daughter grow into the person I can only wish to be.


Thanks for reading and feel free to share some of your parenting “experiences”, I’d love to help you translate them into professional skills you can actually use in your resume or interviews.   🙂

Numero Uno!

Welcome to my first ever blog post. I made the decision to start a blog earlier in 2014 as part of my “Year of Change” and just now embarking on the writing process. I don’t like to think that I procrastinated with this process (which I did just a teeny bit), but rather managed through other changes that have happened over the last 3 to 4 months. For example, moving from Chicago, IL where I have lived my entire life, to Dallas, TX. Yep, you read it correctly, Dallas, TX. I am now a proud Texan (FINALLY got the drivers license to prove it!), although Chicago will always be my first home.

So the background on the move is that Hubby and I decided in late 2013 we were moving from Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX. There were a lot of reasons surrounding our decision with the main driver being overall quality of life. Having lived in a gorgeous, penthouse condo a block away from Lake Michigan for over 7 years, we were eager for more space to call our own, a better education system for our 18 month old daughter (Little Miss) and no stairs to have to schlep our stuff up. Plus, I was becoming an angry person and not just sometimes, but all the time. It gets real old, real fast, when you have to bundle up yourself and your 18 month old, carry her, her stuff, and anything you actually need down four flights of stairs, walk to the car that is parked outside, and brush the 10 inches of snow off it. If I had to be somewhere at a certain time, I had to work in an extra 25 minutes just for getting out the door! So during January of Chicago’s 3rd worst winter on record, Hubby and I stumbled upon a beautiful house on Trulia. It looked perfect and was in the neighborhood we wanted! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, large yard, a pool and holy cats – it was on budget. So what do you do in a very high demand real estate market when you can’t visit the house that day – you send your family to see the house of course! Hubby’s dad (Green Thumb) brother (Architect) and wife (Sister) took their daughter (Sweet Girl) to see the house and gave us their thumbs up.   Next logical step – put an offer in. That’s right folks, we did not see the house in-person before we put the offer in – we REALLY trust Green Thumb’s, Architect’s and Sister’s judgment! After the typical, nail biting and nerve-wracking back and forth, we closed on the house in mid-March and moved cross-country in early April.  By the way, never moving again…just saying.

So I left everything I know: my HR Director job of 8 years, my family and friends, and my beloved city of Chicago. I miss everything and everyone tremendously, but I am happy to report that things are going VERY well in Dallas and Hubby is thrilled that I’m no longer angry!

As part of my year of change, I also became a Stay at Home Mom. Yes, I did capitalize that title as while it is the best job I have ever had, it is also the hardest, and we only have Little Miss!  More on those adventures later.  I am also picking up new hobbies – currently relearning Spanish and embarking on a hobby having to do with turning flea market/garage sale finds into works of art (also more on that later) Come on – I have to ensure you come back to read more!!

Needless to say, I will be having LOTS of adventures during my “Year of Change” and beyond and I hope that you find them to be as exciting, funny, horrific (in the best possible way of course!), and heart-warming as I know I will. Thanks for stopping by!