THE Armoire!

If you haven’t yet noticed/learned, I tend to do two things regularly:
*Get OVERLY excited about an idea before putting any real thought into it
*Bite off more than I can chew

With the above in mind, I spent 2-3 weeks scouring Craigslist for an Armoire. I didn’t want just any armoire, I wanted one that had potential for me to bring out into the open. I also didn’t want to pay more then $75 – which can be a tall order when you are looking for character, but a little easier since I was willing to invest some elbow grease. Then one day, I FOUND IT! I found what I was looking for and was feverishly contacting the seller while simultaneously “selling” to Hubby. It’s important to note here that I am highly competitive. I am so competitive, that I actually didn’t want an epidural for Little Miss’ birth for the sheer fact that other women have had given birth naturally, so why couldn’t I? By the way, that didn’t last long.

Anyways….after a bit of negotiation with the seller and Hubby (again keeping competitive Kirsten in mind), I scored the armoire for a mere $70 and a 40 minute round trip drive to pick it up. My only regret – not taking a “before” picture. But here’s the beautiful AFTER picture:


Now picture the “before” with me by adding a bit more red to the current stain color. Then make it smell like dogs, smoke, and general stale air. Add in a bit of dust, a whole lot of grime, and some chips, dents, and scratches in the wood here and there.

To get it to this gorgeous after, I enlisted my mom – furniture re-doer extraordinaire – to help. We spend a good 4 hours taking off the hardware, de-glossing (which got rid of the MULTIPLE layers of grime), and sanding (to take off the reddish color and smooth out the chips, dents, scratches).



After we finished with the cleaning and prep, we took a golden oak color stain and went to town. Finally, I finished it off with 2 coats of satin polyurethane and Viola – a gorgeous, full of character armoire that works perfectly in my living room. I think I even surprised Hubby with how lovely it turned out, but I knew it was a piece with potential 🙂