Baby-Proofing – HA! Try Adult-Proofing….

I wrote this post back in July of 2013 to “test out” the idea of blogging without any pressure.  Still one of my fav’s – hope you enjoy it!

Baby-proofing – unless your baby is the Bubble Boy, there is no such thing! I thought I did a pretty good job baby-proofing the house soon after Little Miss arrived. I put those obnoxious plug covers on and now need a crowbar to pry them off when I need to use any plug in my house. I also bought those drawer stopper things. We (ahem…Hubby) hasn’t put them on the drawers yet, but I am pretty sure I will never again be able to open a drawer in my home once they are installed. I also know that I am taking a calculated risk (or headache depending on your half-empty or half-full point of view) with not baby-proofing some things – enter the entertainment center. There is no way I am putting up one of those massive gate things around my entertainment center. First – it’s ugly and takes up space that I do not have. Second – Little Miss is an Indiana Jones – she’ll figure out how to get through it faster than I can set the thing up.

Today, Little Miss was feeling extra Indiana Jones-ey and discovered the half bathroom.  How am I supposed to baby-proof the toilet paper?! I have decided that baby-proofing should be an abolished concept. If parents were to truly baby-proof proof their homes they would not be able to live as human beings in the 21st century.

I love my little Indiana Jones and will happily “rough it” on the baby-proofing front just to witness (and catch on camera) moments like these 😀